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BRICS, debate in Rome on areas of cooperation and role of Italy

Debate with experts and diplomats over the results of the BRICS

Rome, 30 October 2018 – The Embassy of Republic of South Africa in Italy, SIOI and EURISPES, with the patronage of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE-APS) and of the Network of Anna Lindh Foundation in Italy, organized at SIOI in Rome a debate where experts and diplomats discussed the results of the BRICS’ July 2018 summit in Johannesburg. 

After the greetings from SIOI President Franco Frattini and EURISPES President Gian Maria FaraAmb. Shirish M. Soni, representing the current South African BRICS Presidency, described the new BRICS areas of cooperation and global development, which in the near future will have a significant impact on the international scene on areas and sectors of primary interest also for Italy. 

In light of the first decade of activity, the Ambassador of the Chinese People’s Republic, Ruiyu Li, enlightened the BRICS impact on the economic and financial governance; the Ambassador of Brasil, Antonio De Aguiar Patriota, focused the large audience’s attention on multilateralism and the BRICS proposed reform of the global governance’s architecture; Pavel Knyazev, Vice-Director of the Policy Planning Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and responsible of the BRICS negotiations for Russian Federation, highlighted BRICS contribution for peace and security, particularly in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern turbulent areas; HE Sergey Razov, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Italy talked about the Russia’s policies towards BRICS; the Vice Head of Mission of the Indian Embassy in Rome, Gloria Gangte, emphasized the BRICS action on the field of direct cooperation between peoples. 

After the first session, devoted to the speeches of the Bilateral and Multilateral BRICS Ambassadors, chaired by Franco Frattini, the second session, chaired by Eurispes Secretary General Marco Ricceri, opened with Dario Fabbri, SIOI lecturer and LIMES scientific advisor, who analyzed the geopolitical BRICS dimension. Enrico Molinaro, President of Mediterranean Perspectives and Secretary General of RIDE-APS, Head of the Anna Lindh Network in Italy, concluded the experts’ debate presenting the acquis of the Eurispes Research Laboratory on BRICS, launching the proposal of setting up a permanent Forum Italy-BRICS, an innovative policy-oriented research instrument in cooperation with the BRICS Euro-Mediterranean coordination.

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