Countries express support to SIGA at historic United Nations Special Session

Countries express support to SIGA at historic United Nations Special Session

29 November 2017 Geneva: The Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) gathered over 30 UN-recognised countries yesterday in a historic Special Session at the Palais des Nations, home of the United Nations Office at Geneva. 

During the Session, all Ambassadors and senior diplomats that took to the floor endorsed the work of SIGA and expressed explicit support for SIGA’s mission to promote good governance and help safeguard the integrity of sport. 

The wide-range of diplomatic representatives were also joined by senior UN officials and some of SIGA’s industry-leading expert members. The Session addressed the positive role that sport can play in modern society and the action that needs to be taken to enhance its governance and strengthen its integrity. 
The Session was co-hosted by HE Ambassador Maurizio Enrico Serra, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Italy to the International Organisations in Geneva, and David Chikvaidze, the Chef de Cabinet of the Director General of the UN Office in Geneva.SIGA Chairman Franco Frattini chaired proceedings, which are expected to be the beginning of a great collaborative relationship between SIGA, the UN and UN members. 

Speaking after the session, SIGA Chairman Franco Frattini said: “It was a huge honour to represent SIGA at the United Nations, an organisation built on the principles of ethics and integrity. To hold a Session with over 30 countries, supported by a number of SIGA members, and to have such positive and encouraging discussions, is a significant step. For SIGA to receive overwhelming support from senior officials from the diplomatic community, not to mention the UN itself, is an outstanding achievement and reflects the universal importance of our cause. The prospects ahead are very positive and encouraging.” 
SIGA Coordinator Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros echoed the same sentiments and added: “The positive steps taken here must now be used as a springboard. We must use the momentum of the discussions we had, the expert opinions we heard and the overwhelming endorsement we received from the diplomatic community, to continue building towards our goal of a more transparent and trusted sporting landscape. At the end of January, SIGA will host its third Sport Integrity Forum in Rome. This is a great opportunity to hear from the same voices we heard today, as well as many more, as we continue to drive a collective effort to a sports industry we can fully trust and love once again.” 

During his intervention at the Session, David Chikvaidze, the Chef de Cabinet of the Director General of the UN Office in Geneva, said: “Sports owe their universal appeal to the values they embody: equality, justice, cooperation, competition and tolerance. However, sport’s power to shape and sustain our values is not a given. It depends entirely on whether the contest is fair. On whether fair play is respected. For sports, integrity is everything. That is why it is my great pleasure to welcome the Sport Integrity Global Alliance to the Palais des Nations on behalf of the Director General. “Your ‘Declaration of Core Principles on Sport Integrity’ embodies the fundamentals on which to build universal standards that can protect the values of fairness and integrity. I would also like to thank His Excellency Mr. Franco Frattini for his leadership on this issue. At this time of uncertainty, your efforts to promote public integrity cast ripples far beyond the world of sports. Your alliance is part of an effort to restore integrity, transparency and accountability in our communities.”

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