SIOI presents The Arctic Awareness Week

High Level Speakers and the Green Generation meet up to promote international cooperation on Arctic issues and concrete and innovative actions on climate change
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The Arctic Awareness Week
SIOI presents The Arctic Awareness Week: High Level Speakers and the Green Generation meet up to promote international cooperation on Arctic issues and concrete and innovative actions on climate change

SIOI, Rome 1-4 October 2019 

The Arctic Council Observer States are engaged in the activities of the Arctic Council in several ways with different objectives. One of them is raising awareness among the public and particularly younger generations, as they are the future policy makers, business leaders and global citizens. Youth engagement through conferences, seminars, and workshops is an important aspect of strengthening awareness and accountability of governments, as public opinion can often influence state policies. After Italy’s entrance into the Arctic Council, SIOI has made it a priority to engage in raising awareness within the coming generations concerning sustainable development, protection of the environment and the consequences of climate change in the Arctic region as well as middle latitudes.

For strengthening relations between Italy, other Observer States and the Arctic States, SIOI organizes, in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the United States Embassy to Italy and the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the first Arctic Awareness Week that encompasses all aspects of the Arctic region including the environment, sustainable development, economy and inter-state cooperation.

The Arctic Awareness Week, October 1-4, is composed of two large events. The first, an International Symposium “Arctic Connections: A trust-building Arctic cooperation on Energy, Security and Blue Economy” (October 1), in which Arctic States and Observers will be invited to participate and discuss pressing issues relating to sustainable development through Arctic infrastructure and communication, national interests and energy opportunities. The blue economy also will be part of the Conference, as a “blue thinking” approach that looks at eco-sustainability and renewable resources as an ocean of possibilities for the benefit of social and economic growth. The aim of the Conference, which will be paneled by international experts, is to create synergies between the human population and environmental reactions, with a specific focus on the Arctic region. In addition to scientific cooperation, the Observer States, like Italy, can play a key role in raising awareness beyond the Arctic Circle and drawing attention to the importance Arctic climate change, and how it can affect areas outside of the Arctic.

Climate change can be faced only through a sustainable development approach that includes practical aspects such as energy, security and blue economy.

The second, ZeroHackathon on Oceans and Poles (October 2-4), is an event aimed at youth participation. Youth are invited to develop innovative, high-impact ideas and projects to promote international cooperation, raising awareness on the most pressing issues related to Oceans and Poles, strengthening resilience of multi-scale changes, addressing the rapidly changing climate and the consequences of pollution, improving a safe and secure use of marine protected areas and the Arctic and Antarctic resources.

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