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SIOI #ZeroHackathon2019 on Oceans and Poles: The Official Video

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The Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI – UNA Italy) together with the Students’ Movement for International Organization (MSOI/UNYA-Italy), in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the United States Embassy to Italy and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Rome will launch #ZeroHackathon on Oceans and Poles.

ZERO is where we start from in building up this innovative contest that brings ideas and creative solutions to challenging problems taking into considerations the proposal of the new generation.

This year the SIOI’s youth competition of ideas will focus on the role of sustainable development to address the consequences of climate change in the Arctic, Antarctic and Oceans. We will challenge more than 200 highly motivated young students from high schools and universities all around the world.
They will gather in Rome from 2 to 4 October 2019, to take part in the third edition of the international youth competition where creativity, civic engagement and teamwork are key elements to success. Participants are invited to develop innovative, high-impact ideas and projects to promote international cooperation, rising awareness on the most pressing issues related to Oceans and Poles, strengthening resilience of multi-scale changes, addressing the rapidly changing climate and the consequences of pollution, improving a safe and secure use of marine protected areas and the Arctic and Antarctic resources. Those involved will work in teams and submit their final proposal via a video and/or a ppt presentation at the pitch session that will take place during the closing Ceremony.

Proposals will be assessed by a multidisciplinary jury and judged based on their practicality, social impact and innovation. Prestigious institutional representatives, professionals and teachers will also participate in the event and make their knowledge and methods available in order to support teams in the development of their solutions. The best proposals will be awarded!

ZeroHackathon: Oceans and Polar Connections will serve as a central venue in creating a connection between learning and doing, enabling young people to collaborate creatively, promoting the importance of cooperation and teamwork in order to tackle the most pressing global challenges.

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