Frattini: “Serbia could open first chapters in October”

Chapter 35 (Belgrade-Pristina relations) should not be the first one to be opened

Franco Frattini, Italy’s former foreign minister, stated Tuesday he expects that Serbia’s first negotiating chapters with the EU will be opened in October.
Source: Tanjug Tuesday, July 14, 2015 |

Frattini said his optimism is based on the fact that the European Commission will complete its regular report on Serbia’s progress on the EU path by then.

That would be the right time for the EU to authorize the opening of negotiations, Frattini told the press after a conference on possibilities of cooperation between Serbia and Italy. 
He also voiced belief that Chapter 35 (Belgrade-Pristina relations) should not be the first one to be opened, but rather Chapter 23 (judiciary and fundamental rights), Chapter 24 (justice, freedom and security) and Chapter 32 (financial control). 

Serbia is doing well in preparations of all chapters, especially 23 and 24, which are also important for the EU. 

These are the key chapters, actions plans have been reviewed in Brussels and the results are good, as far as I understood. My assessment is therefore that the first chapter will be opened in autumn, said Fratini, who is also a special advisor of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

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