SIGA – Sport Integrity Forum: Rome 30-31 January, 2018

The 3rd Edition of the SIGA Sport Integrity Forum will take place on 30 January 2018 in Rome.

CONI (National Olympic Committee of Italy), Piazza Lauro De Bosis, 15, 00135 Rome, Italy Tuesday, January 30, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The SIGA Sport Integrity Forum gathers experts from across sport, government, international organisations, global businesses and civil society to address key issues and challenges facing modern sport. 

The Forum will include the following panel sessions: 
Kicking corruption out of sport.How can we avoid a legacy of distrust, dishonesty and fraud?Corruption, unfortunately, is engrained in modern day society. It is not a problem exclusive to sport; rather it pervades all industries, undermining the rule of law and ultimately, our fundamental ethical values as human beings. In many ways, sport is a reflection of society, and the corruption we hear about every day is synonymous with problems faced by leaders across all industries. After decades of poor governance, lax attitudes by sports governing bodies, governments and regulators, sport’s reputation has reached its lowest ebb. The need for global leadership and enhanced international cooperation is greater than ever before. What is actually being done to eradicate corruption from sport? What new revelations will be brought to light by law enforcement, court trials and the media? And what legacy will we leave for future generations if this issue is not tackled head on? Our expert panellists will address these questions and share their insights on how to bring about the much needed governance reforms and SIGA’s role in ushering sport into a new era. 
Sponsorship, Brand Value & ReputationWhy does integrity matter to these stakeholders and why do they have a responsibility to get involved? For the last three decades, the sports industry has continually defied economic cycles. Even in the face of a global recession, the industry has grown exponentially, driving commercial success for everyone involved. But, with sports integrity being increasingly tainted by stories of corruption and fraud, is it only a matter of time beforethis period of prosperity eventually comes to a halt? With this in mind, how can sponsors and broadcasters safeguard their financial investments in sport and protect their own reputation? What role are they willing to play and can they play in being part of the solution? This panel will address these pressing issues and put the spotlight on stakeholders that invest not just money, but also their reputation. 
Club ownership, players’ transfers, financial flows and tax havens.Is the current financial integrity model fit for purpose? As the value of the multi-billion-pound sports industry continues to grow year-on-year, the need for enhanced financial integrity and transparency has never been greater. Whilst some strides have been made in the last decade, the financial side of sport is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. Challenges are mounting. How are sports governing bodies, governments and economic regulators responding to the fast-changing global financial landscape? Are the existing regulations on club ownership fit for purpose? What impact have the Panama Papers, the Paradisee Papers and other recent scandals had on the way offshore investment funds are set up and operate? What sort of financial supervision, due diligence and oversight are in place, if any, at country and international level, to safeguard sport from transnational money laundering, tax evasion and criminal infiltration? Will the recent EU blacklist on tax heavens change the current state of affairs? SIGA can assist the sporting industry to tackle the most critical challenges and implement the much-needed reforms, and our expert panellists will debate the best way to go about this. 
Sports Betting IntegrityIs enough being done to prevent match-fixing and sport betting fraud? In an increasingly globalised and rapidly evolving technological world, where new generations are shaping the way sports content is consumed, the sports betting industry is becoming one of the world’s most lucrative industries in its own right. In light of this, the fight against illegal betting, match-fixing, sports betting fraud and transnational organised crime must be at the top of the agenda. However, the reality is disturbing. Whilst significant strides have been made in recent years and certain jurisdictions are now beginning to address how to best regulate the sports betting industry, there is still a lot to be done. Our expert panellists will tell us how serious the situation is and how sports organisers, international organisations, governments, law enforcement bodies and the sports betting industry can help protect one of the world’s fastest moving industries. 
Protecting Minors in Sport. Developing a safe pathway to the top of professional sport. Recent scandals connected to child abuse in various countries, as well as to smuggling and trafficking of young athletes in several sports are triggering heated discussions. Professional sport is one of the most attractive career paths to young people, but there are risks and challenges that cannot be neglected. As the market value of young athletes continues to rise and they become increasingly vulnerable to the lure of the bright lights, a number of key questions arise. How can the best interests of young athletes be protected? What is the role of the sports clubs and training academies? Are the current rules governing the international transfers of minors fit for purpose or are they in need of change? Given the increasing competition in this space, is there room for consensus amongst the key stakeholders? How can a set of universal standards covering all stages of the youth development process benefit young athletes, parents and training clubs? These are some of the sensitive subjects that our expert panellists will discuss, with a view to formulating concrete actions that will enhance the development and protection of children and young people in sport.

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