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Wimun’s official song: “Leave or live”

Watch and listen to the official video of Wimun 2014: “Leave or Live”




Luigi Abramo (Rome, 1969) is a director, music journalist/writer and musician. Awarded at the Venice Film Festival in 1994 for his first short movie, he worked for several Italian Broadcasting channels (RAI, Mediaset, Sky etc.) as a director, storyliner, writer and documentarist, receiving a number of prizes for his work. His last book, Il Manuale del Perfetto Beatlesiano (Arcana, 2013) has been included in the music related books Top Ten of the year by Panorama magazine. He currently lives in Glasgow, UK.

Twitter: @luigiabramo

THE LYRIC: Leave or Live
Author (Lyric and Music) Luigi Abramo
Arrangements Luigi Abramo- Francesco Cavalluzzo
Recorded by Andrea Corvo at Ryar Sound Studios)

What about all the sorrow?
What about all the guns?
What about all the people who fight in the streets when they should be as one?

What about the old promise,the old promise we made?
There were thoughts that we used to keep deep in our hearts, now are they going to fade?

We could leave, (and) give up giving
We could leave… but we won’t

It’s a game that we’re playing
gambling with soul and nerves
Where’s the chance we must give every minute to peace that our children deserve?

It’s a merry-go-round
that sometimes spins too fast
But it’s the only world that we have and, for sure, without love it won’t last

We should live here without worrying
We can change things for good

Can’t you see that there’s no need to hide
When we stand right by each other’ side
There’s no point in “conquer” anything if you need to “divide”


What about these young women?
What about these young men?

SIOI-Luigi Abramo tutti i diritti riservati 2014

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